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Aiming to mimic the real world

We aim to mimic the real world, by creating a digital or virtual twin. Hosted securely in the cloud, it avoids the need for users to download large files to their machines and creating collaboration spaces
across platforms, devices and locations.

Using SMART tech, users can gain access to real time data to make critical decisions, for practical applications such as;

  • A car park operator may want to open up more spaces, or implement different  charging structures based on occupancy levels.

  • Facilities managers will want to track occupancy, to ensure environmental levels are correct or that maintenance tasks are properly scheduled and carried out.

  • A retail environment can use AR overlays to help with wayfinding and footfall tracking.

During construction and fit-out, we provide 3D digital scans of the physical asset throughout every stage of the build – 1st fix, 2nd fix, snagging and Practical Completion. 

Project Managers, Surveyors, Clients and Stakeholders can walk through the build, comparing it with the original BIM data, allowing for changes to be mapped and costed. 

We deliver comprehensive digital O & M manuals, hosted in the cloud, allowing secured access to those parties that need it – FM’s, Contractors, Compliance Auditors, Health & Safety etc.


By incorporating the digital twin of plant rooms and the wider buildings with direct integration with BMS and CAFM systems, Facilities teams can see real time data, allowing them to manage with less downtime, reduced costs and improved risk management. 

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