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According to the Centre for Digital Built Britain, a digital twin is “a realistic digital representation of assets, processes or systems in the built or natural environment."

Digital twins are digital replicas of physical twins, which can be residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial factories, hospitals, railways, subways, bridges, roads, etc.

These can include an entire system of assets, 
 knitting together residential and commercial buildings with social infrastructure, energy networks and water systems.

BIM in
real time 3D

Using VIM software, we are able to deliver BIM models in real-time 3D file format, built for the AEC sector. VIM offers a modern, efficient, and compact 3D data interchange open format to quickly transport design data and geometry from Revit and other BIM sources to real-time engines, 3D editors and mixed reality experiences.

No BIM data? We can scan 2D drawings and create BIM files retrospectively.

3D scans of the
physical asset

Work has begun on your project, or your building/asset now exists.

Time to compare what is physically being created or has been created with the original BIM/data model.


Our team will capture 3D scans allowing you to share all necessary data across different platforms with stakeholders, contractors or any chosen party.

Virtual Asset Management
System – VAMS™

Combining all the previous data acquired, including all the O & M files, we deliver a seamless tool for the facilities management team to really get to grips with their asset from day 1.


Open API integrations with BMS, CAFM, AR, Wayfinding, SMART building systems.

Reduced downtime, reduced costs, increased productivity and true life-cycle management.

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